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The Zither Pavilion's Peak is one of the many peaks in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. From the top of it opens up an extremely beautiful scenery. Because of it Dark Crow chose this Peak and created the Zither Pavilion on top of it to teach the Zither Dao to young Min Ren.[1]

The world's spirit energy of Zither Pavilion's Peak was quite good, so many disciples prefered to cultivate on this peak. Later on they even formed their own branch and it was prosperous for generations. However, a few ten thousand years ago a ghost occupied the Zither Pavilion therefore the Zither Pavilion's Peak started to decline until no disciples were willing to step into the place again.[1]

Current Era

The Zither Pavilion's Peak was abandoned for thousands of years and completely declined. The surrounding ten miles were declining as well. Even the flowers and trees were sickly looking; it was as if they were affected by the ominous aura of the Ghost Pavilion.[1]

Li Qiye's punishment

As a punisment for killing Leng Shizhi, Protector Hu and others, the Elders decided to send Li Qiye to the Ghost Pavilion for half a year. Li Qiye went to the Ghost Pavilion, accompanied by Nan Huairen, Protector Mo and Li Shuangyan. Protector Mo and Nan Huairen cleaned the Ghost Pavilion and the Zither Pavilion's Peak.[2][1]


The Zither Pavilion's Peak is one of the many peaks in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[1]



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