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Zi Yan (紫烟: Violet Mist) was originally a Violet Bamboo who succeeded in the dao and cultivated into the human form.[1]

Giant Bamboo Country

Zi Yan became the ruler of the Giant Bamboo Country. Zi Yan was a virtuous ruler; she was both adept at strategy and adored talents. She was also very humble and benevolent. Although she is not the oldest Demon Monarch in the country, she is loved by the other monarchs and citizens, so they choose to call her Demon King Zi Yan and Madam Zi Yan out of respect.[1]

Alchemy Conference

Huangfu Hao told the madam that he agreed to represent them and would win what they desired. These were not just mere words since he was dubbed the fifth alchemy prodigy by many others. A Very few geniuses could compare to him outside of the other four. However, he also had one condition if he were to participate in the conference. He desired a marriage between the Giant Bamboo Country and the Huangfu Clan, one between him and Madam Zi Yan.However, Madam Zi Yan immediately refused Huangfu Hao’s request with a firm resolution.


Zi Yan is a very beatiful woman with a violet aura and flickering shadow. Her beauty shamed even the flowers and the moon with her mature allure. However, her sensuality did not diminish her noble elegance, especially her calm and natural demeanor that accentuated her beauty even more.[1]



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