Zhang Baitu is the last member of the Zhang Clan. He was nicknamed Baitu (百徒: Hundred-Disciple) because he joined too many sects.[1]

After the seniors left, he couldn’t learn a lot beyond the elementary basics, so he had to go outside to find teachers. join many sects In this process, he learned very slowly, and the same went for his cultivation. In fact, “very slow” wasn’t enough to describe his cultivation, “as slow as a snail’s pace” was a more appropriate analogy. but failed to make much progress and had to return to the Hundred-Saints Hall in hopes of being able to live the rest of his life here like a falling leaf returning to its roots.

So out that after the seniors of his clan passed away, he couldn’t learn the remaining merit laws as they were missing.

He wasn’t willing to give up, so he left his home to find masters. Who knows if it was due to his own inability or some other reasons? Either way, this search didn’t go smoothly.

It was slow to the point where the sects he had joined agreed to let him leave. Sometimes he even left of his own volition.

For many sects, there was no leaving after joining. However, there was no cure for Zhang Baitu’s cultivation speed. To put it bluntly, even if he didn’t want to leave, they would want him to leave eventually. Having such a disciple was simply losing face.

Just like this, he joined one sect after another but amounted to nothing. He eventually joined too many sects in the Dragon Demon Sea and became quite well-known. Everyone called him Zhang Baitu. It referred to him being the disciple of too many sects. No one even remembered his real name. [ Baitu = Hundred-Disciple.]

In the end, he helplessly spoke with a dejected expression: “It is because I am too stupid and have an inferior constitution. I have let down my masters and seniors; I’m even weaker than a new disciple even after a lifetime of cultivation.”[1]


He wore gray clothing and had distinct facial features, but his body was thin and feeble. One could see that he was a cultivator, but his blood energy was incredibly weak, indicating his shallow cultivation.[3]

His nature was stubborn. However, his head was still raised the entire time.[2]


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