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Zhang is a disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, and a good friend of Nan Huairen.[1]

When Li Qiye visited the Nine Saint Demon Gate, at Nan Huairen's request, Zhang led them around the Gate. As many others, he despised Li Qiye for his cultivation level, so he only made conversation with Nan Huairen and treated Li Qiye like an invisible man.[1]

Since Li Qiye's visit was to marry Li Shuangyan, the goddess in hearts of many male disciples of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, they all hated Li Qiye, and Zhang felt embarassed to acompany him.[1]

Eventually, they reached the Training Ground of the Gate, where Li Qiye saw Tetra-War Stone Protectors. He tried to climb on top of one of them, but couldn't. Nan Huairen was embarassed by his behavior, while Zhang, didn't want to stand there for a second longer and immediately left without a departing salutation.[2]


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