The universal law protecting the Pond of Provenance’s Splendor, the location of the Golden Maelstrom. It cannot leave the Drystone Courtyard as the guardian of the Legendary Endpoint.

It was originally as the heavens intended, pure and without emotions, but after a visit from the Dark Crow where he spent a long period time telling it stories and interacting with it, thus it eventually became "corrupted" and longed for the outside world. Li Qiye eventually won a bet with it to allow him access, but didn't enter yet since he was still in his Dark Crow body at the time.

In the Current Era when Li Qiye returns, he once again bets against Zhan Xian. Zhan Xian bets that Li Qiye will definitely die from its curse but he is tricked since Li Qiye resurrects using the death scripture. Li Qiye asks Zhan Xian to teleport him back to the Mortal Emperor World before succumbing to the curse and resurrecting. However Zhan Xian seals his cultivation as a prank.

Zhan Xian wishes to be a person with desires and emotions due to Li Qiye's stories. It hopes to be freed from the courtyard should Li Qiye succeed.[1]

At some point, Zhan Xian escaped and was able to become an Immortal Emperor. She was the last emperor of the Nine Worlds, Immortal Emperor Zhan.


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