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Yuan Caihe (袁采荷: Lotus' Color) is a member of the Serene Garden. She is one of the four alchemy prodigies of the Stone Medicine World. She is most versed with plant cultivation.[1] She met Li Qiye when she was going to obtain some Immortal Sulfur from the Draco-bulls.[2]

Later she helped Li Qiye in the alchemy refinement of the Heaven Restoration Salve and due to being fond of her kind and gentle personality he decided to pass down his leagcy, the Alchemy God's Grand Canon to her as his successor.[3]


She wore a commoner’s dress that was embroidered with pure lotus flowers, giving a very fresh and elegant appearance.She was elegant and refined with beautiful features and a pair of bright eyes without any cloudiness. Her body exuded the aura of a lotus in a valley — lucid and delicate. She carried herself with a calm demeanor, giving off the gentle feeling of jade. In the eyes of others, this woman would be a gem adored by all. She would give off a serene feeling to anyone who set their gaze upon her.


She never competed with others, so she was always quiet and amiable with a kind heart. However, this didn’t mean that she was a fool. On the contrary, she was extremely intelligent, so it was not an easy task to hide things from her. It was just that she normally didn’t want to make it difficult for others.


  • Li Qiye passed down the Alchemy God's Grand Canon to her as its next successor.
  • She has planned to leave with Li Qiye for the Tenth World after he became Immortal Emperor, but it is never confirmed and heavily implied that she stayed behind.
  • Yuan Caihe is one of the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who was confirmed to have lived until the Eight Desolates Epoch.[4] She was most likely known as Medicine Bodhisattva, helping anyone in need, including mortals. She was burried in Bodhisattva Garden, probably accompanied by Tie Yi, who still carries out Li Qiye's mission.


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