Yu Zhengfeng was born in the same generation as Black Dragon King and Qian Li. At a young age, his little sister suffered a grave illness. In order to save her, he traveled the world, found Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo's supreme Grand Dao and used it to become invincible.

At some point, he met Black Dragon King, Qian Li and Dark Crow, with their help he was able to cure his sister.

He eventually fell in love with Qian Li. However, she didn't have any feelings for him. So after he lost to her in the Heaven's Will competition, he asked for a final fight hoping to be killed by her crush but he was strong enough to survive a true Imperial Massacre, so Qian Li refused to continue the fight. That made him dejected and bored of the world, he returned to his hometown, opened a pub and spend his days waiting for death.[1]



  • Yu Zhengfeng is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[1]


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