“ In the court, there was Young King Nantian; outside of the government, there was Nantian Hao.在朝有南天少皇,在野有南天豪。 „[1]



Young King Nantian was born in the Nantian Clan close to the end of the Difficult Dao Era. He had an unparalleled talent among the clan members and thanks to it he became the Crown Prince of the Southern Heavenly Kingdom.[1]

Ancient Sky City

At Ancient Sky City he attempted to gain revenge on Li Qiye for the murder of Nantian Hao. During Li Qiye's battle with Bai Jianzhen, he cheap-shot Li Qiye. Much like his cousin, he too was killed by Li Qiye.


Young King Nantian was extremelly talented cultivator, some people even called him the second Immortal Emperor Fei Yang.[1]


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