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The Yin Yang Gate is an Imperial Lineage created by Immortal Emperor Yin Yang.[1]

Ancestral Flow

At some point, expert from the Yin Yang Gate tried to enter the Ancestral Flow in Necropolis but was killed and his corpse now hangs on the tree at the Ancestral Flow's entrance.[2]

Current Era

In the present time the Yin Yang Gate is a powerful Sect in the Nether Border region. Its current Prime Descendant, Chan Yang, is one of the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World; three main competitors for the Heaven's Will in current generation.[3][1]

Chan Yang was chosen by the Ancestral Domain to be their inheritor. This decision greatly affected Yin Yang Gate's status in the Sacred Nether World; their prestige surpassed even all-mighty Myriad Bones Throne.[1]


The Yin Yang Gate is situated in the Nether Border border region of the Sacred Nether World.[1]


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