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Yi Shi (一世: First Life) was an Immortal Emperor from the Ghost Immortal Race. He founded the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom and swore to control the reincarnation cycle to achieve everlastingness and to build an eternal kingdom.[1]

Tenth World

Yi Shi is one of the few inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who had successfully ascended to the Tenth World.[2] However, he got hunted down after coming to the Tenth World and was the first Immortal Emperor to be killed.[2]


One generation after Yi Shi's death, Er Shi was born with Yi Shi's totem, so many believed that Er Shi was Yi Shi's reincarnation. However, it never happened again for many generations, until the Current Era, when Tian Lunhui was born with Yi Shi's totem.[1]

However, at that point Er Shi was still alive in the Tenth World, so Tian Lunhui couldn't be his reincarnation.[2]


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