Ye Xiaoxiao is a princess of the Golden Isle. She was born with unique bloodline and in order to preserve it, the Golden Isle decided to detour the regular procedure and choose a partner for her not from some other lineage, like the Exquisite Valley, but from the vagabond humans.[1][2]


Ye Xiaoxiao looked to be around thirteen years old. She grew up quite well and had a complexion as white as jade. Her spirited eyes were round and big in a fulfilling manner. Her small nose was sculpted without fault while her cherry mouth was as red as fire. She is truly lovely and cute; others couldn't help but like her.[2]


She is hot-headed and bossy.[2]


  • Plant Summoning: Thanks to her special bloodline, Ye Xiaoxiao has an innate ability to summon plants like:[6]
  • A green vine[3]
  • Extreme Yang Godflower[6]
  • An odd ice tree[6]
  • A gigantic willow tree[7]
Also it causes lush vegetation to appear wherever she walks.[2]


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