Millions of years ago Dark Crow visited the Bi'an Beastworld and shook a portrait till 3 stones fell out. One of them was a Luminous Mirrorstone. It escaped and eventually ended in the hands of Immortal Emperor Shi Feng and became defining treausure of the Stony Edge Kingdom.[1][2]

The Luminous Mirrorstone was hidden in the location with the richest amount of worldly energy at the Stony Edge Kingdom. For generations, the wise sages of the Kingdom preached dao scriptures to this stone and used their blood energy to cultivate it. A few decades ago, at the end of the Difficult Dao Era, this stone suddenly felt the heaven and earth and obtained life. At the moment of its inception, it immediately had flesh and blood and could be considered supreme being. The Luminous Mirrorstone became known as Ye Qingcheng.[1]



Ye Qingcheng was killed by Imperial Soul of the Shi Feng's True Treasure.[3]


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