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Ye Chuyun (叶初云: Early Cloud) was born at the end of the Difficult Dao Era in the Pure Lotus School. She was a devilish genius and quickly became the School's Prime Disciple and the princess of the Southern Tang nation.[1][2]

Heavenly Dao Academy

When the Heavenly Dao Academy announced the recruitment of students, Ye Chuyun was one among many who joined it. Her tallent allowed her to enter the Sacred Era Hall.[1]

Ye Chuyun was among many other girls whom Bing Yuxia teased and treated as her girlfriends.[1]

World Tree

When the portal to the Void Gate opened, Bing Yuxia brought Ye Chuyun with her to meet Li Qiye. Li Qiye was quite pleased with Ye Chuyun's personality, so he allowed her to stay.[1]

Several days later Li Qiye brought his group to the top of the World Tree. As everyone chose a leaf and left one after another, Ye Chuyun thanked Li Qiye for bringing her with him. She then chose a leaf filled with lightning and jumped inside; she successfully obtained some great creation from it.[3][4]

Before leaving the Heavenly Dao Academy, Ye Chuyun especially invited Li Qiye to the Pure Lotus School as a guest.[4]

Virtuous Paragon

Several years later, Ye Chuyun reached the Virtuous Paragon level and became the Sect Master of the Pure Lotus School as well as the Royal Lord of the Southern Tang.[2]

When Li Qiye returned to the Mortal Emperor World, she met him again and meticulously took care of him before accompanying to the Heavenguard Sect and later to the Holy City.


Her appearance alone would brighten the eyes of others. Her entire body was filled with the spirit of nature. She was modest and elegant. A single glance was enough to tell that she hailed from noble birth. With soft brows and charming almond eyes, she had gentle features. She was tender and as soft as water — the definition of an alluring beauty.[1]


Despite of her noble origin, Ye Chuyun isn't arrogant, nor is she snobbish with an oppressive aura. Instead, she is polite and had great manners befitting of a lady.[1]


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