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Yao Zu (药祖: Alchemy Ancestor) was an Immortal Emperor as well as an Alchemy Emperor.[1]

He founded the Alchemy Kingdom.[1]

Drystone Courtyard

Yao Zu was one of the many Immortal Emperors who reached the center of the Drystone Courtyard. All of them were tempted by the thing there; they all wished to obtain it. However, even Emperors were not able to do so. The ultimate force of petrification forced the Emperors to retreat with great haste. However, their shadows were frozen to forever be buried in this place.[2]


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    1. Yao Zu created Alchemy Kingdom and it participated in the Divine Beast Realm's war against Hong Tian, so Yao Zu was born before Hong Tian, but the exact Era is unknown.
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