Xue Xi (血玺: Blood Seal) was an Immortal Emperor during the Ancient Ming Era;[1] one of the only two Emperors not from the Ancient Ming Race during that Era.[3]

Xue Xi was groomed by the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain and Dark Crow,[4] and was Dark Crow's close friend.[5]

He was likely the second emperor of the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain.[6]


Even before becoming an Immortal Emperor Xue Xi was already unbeatable in his generation.[1]

Battle vs Evil Typha Tree

Main article: Battle of Dark Crow and Xue Xi vs Evil Typha Tree

Before Xue Xi became an Immortal Emperor, Dark Crow brought him to the Evil Infested Ridge to increase his understanding of the Heaven's Will.[1]

They encountered Evil Typha Tree and Xue Xi prepared countless methods to eliminate and destroy it completely. However, due to the accident during the battle, Evil Typha Tree managed to survive.[1]



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