Jue Tianyu (绝天宇: Severing the Heavens) better known as Xiu Shui (袖水: Water Sleeve) came from the Charming Spirit Race and was one of the very few female Immortal Emperors.[1]

Her life could be considered to be the most brilliant during the Desolate Era. Even though many eras passed, even today, many people still relished in her old tales. Even before she became an Immortal Emperor, Xiu Shui was already renowned in the Mortal Emperor World with her extreme talents. Not to mention the Mortal Emperor World, even the cultivators and rulers from all over the Nine Worlds came just to see her prestige and fell over for her.[1]

She founded the Eternal River School and formed the emperor foundation that allowed the Eternal River School to stand strong throughout the ages.[1]



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