Xiao Qingtian was the prime general of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and his closest ally. Even Ta Kong himself couldn't defeat Xiao Qingtian during his youth.[1]

Ta Kong's death

After Ta Kong was slain by the enraged Black Dragon King, Xiao Qingtian sealed Ta Kong's corpse beneath the Space Trample Mountain.[2]

Destruction of Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom

Xiao Qingtian conspired with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and Heavenly God Sect to bring down the Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom. The Kingdom was successfully destroyed with only the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect left.[?]

Xiao Qingtian blocked Demon King Lun Ri and the Nine Saint Demon Gate from assisting the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect during the crisis.[?]

Current Era

After Jikong Wudi was killed by Li Qiye, Xiao Qingtian reached out to his old conspirators once more and plotted to destroy the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, along with Li Qiye. However, Li Qiye and his gathered allies and disciples pushed him back.[3]

Xiao Qingtian was killed by the South Emperor during the conflict.[4]


He looks like a middle-aged with oval face and a pair of starry eyes. He was quite dashing and charming despite his old age. Each of his steps caused the stars to flip and the sun and moon to lose their brilliance. He was more dazzling than everything else while standing in the sky like the moon at night. He didn't exude a powerful aura or an endless blood energy. Him casually wielding a long saber with his carefree demeanor already felt quite oppressive; it was as if he was unmatched in this world.[1]


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