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Xian Fan (仙凡: Immortal Mortal) is the current Prime Descendant of the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom. No one, even other disciples of the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom, know Xian Fan's gender or background.[1]

Becoming the Prime Descendant

10 years ago Xian Fan was able to open the Immortals' Domain. Xian Fan went there and obtained the Five Elements Immortal Armor. After that Xian Fan was appointed as the Prime Descendant of the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom. Only few Imperial Lineages from the Distant Cloud region were invited to the ceremony. After it Xian Fan kept a very low profile and rarely participated in external matters, so almost no one knew his/her name.[2]

Prime Ominous Grave

When the news that the Prime Ominous Grave would be soon opened spread throughout the Sacred Nether World, the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom was among many groups that went and camped right outside of the Prime Ominous Grave to wait until it would be opened.[3]

Di Zuo challenged Li Qiye to fight to the death, while reviling the Human Race. For this reason Xian Fan challenged Di Zuo. Di Zuo was enraged and immediately attacked, but Xian Fan effortlessly blocked his attack. Xian Fan suggested to them leave the planet and battle in the outer space to not destroy everything around them. Di Zuo agreed and they flew away.[4]

Xian Fan is one of the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who was confirmed to have lived until the Eight Desolates Epoch.[5] She was known as "Worldly Affairs Immortal".



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