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Wu Qi was born in the same village with Tun Ri. They grew up together and were sworn brothers.[1][2]

When he was a child, Wu Qi was taken as a disciple by Unwavering Ancient Saint.[1] Tun Ri was destitute with nothing to give his brother, so he took down the last eaves-tile on the rooftop and gave it to Wu Qi.[3]

Later on Wu Qi became a student in the Heavenly Dao Academy's Zenith Era Hall.[4]

Eventually, he became known as Martial God, one of the strongest existences in Tun Ri's era. He even helped his friend to become an Immortal Emperor.[2]

Wu Qi established his own clan, the Wu Clan.[2]

At the end of his life, Wu Qi entered the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground and buried himself in the Mysterious Dragon Cave, becoming the Earth Immortal.[2]


He is an old man whose stature was not overly tall, but the moment he stood up, it gave the sensation that he could trample the earth while his size pillared over the horizon. His clothing is common and ordinary, however, even with his ordinary style, he still had a dominating aura with a majestic and tyrannical presence over the mountains and rivers. This was a generational supreme Emperor King, an invincible existence of an era.[2]



  • Tun Ri's Eaves-tile[3]


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