Wu Gou (无垢: Void Imperfection) was an Immortal Emperor and founder of the Void Imperfection Three Schools. She cultivated the Void Imperfection Physique to Grand Completion.[1]

Charming Fragmented Realm

At some point she went into the Charming Fragmented Realm and became the second person in history who managed to obtain something from it. She obtained the Void Imperfection Spring and brought it back to her Void Imperfection Three Schools.[2]

Undying Gate

When Immortal Emperor Wu Gou ruled the Nine Worlds, the news about the Undying Gate's immortality art spread across all of Heaven Spirit World. Many desired this mythical art, and some wouldn't mind destroying the Undying Gate for it. During this perilous time, the Undying Gate invited Wu Gou to preside over the situation. In the end, Wu Gou publicly confirmed that Undying Gate don't have any immortality art. Because of Wu Gou's guarantee, the rumors quieted down and Undying Gate survived the calamity.[3]





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