She is the current lord of the Dragon Citadel of Pure Continent.


She has an aura to her, which is not overly aggressive, just stately like a True Dragon. She wears a draconic armor with a flashing golden glow. The armor has dragon runes with immense powerand does not look like it was cast from divine metal but rather the scales of a True Dragon.

Because of this, people can faintly hear the roar of a dragon soaring to the nine firmaments. The armor cannot hide her curvaceous lines and plump peaks. Her long and thin legs accentuated her overall figure, tempting people at first sight.

Nevertheless, people only steal a glance at her, never a full look. This is because of her oppressive and noble temperament, resembling both a dragon and a king.

Her phoenix eyes are bright and sharp just like a snow-white saber. It can instantly illuminate someone’s mind. Just a glance from her can instill a shuddering chill.

When people see her, they instantly think of this: ‘It’s a shame that she’s not a man or she would become a king with such a lofty temperament.’

She has a notorious foul temper and resorts to violence after a minor disagreement. Many have been beaten by her till they cried for their parents.[1]


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