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Emperors Era

Li Qiye tried to find it for a young Black Dragon King but it was impossible.[1]

Current Era

Li Qiye found a pond of Worldly Prime Liquid in the World Temple.[2]


Worldly Prime Liquid looks like liquefied brass.[2]


“ It was capable of turning something rotten into something magical, changing oneself completely! „[3]

Worldly Prime Liquid contains endless primordial chaos just like the time before the formation of the heaven and earth. It is capable of refining an entire being and give it endless potential. All body's blemishes will be removed until it looks like dazzlingly transparent. Bones and muscles will become priceless treasures. The Fate Palace will be polished and filled with the breath from the primordial chaos. Dao foundation will be upgraded and all its defects eliminated.[3] After complete refinement, one will possess a Primordial Body that is better than a Saint Fate, a Saint Physique and a Saint Life, since it contains the primordial chaos, the original source of all.[1]


  • The author has never mentioned about Li Qiye's Primordial Body again after the World Tree exploration.
  • There is also a separate bonus to the Worldly Prime Liquid. Since it has the essence of the Primordial Chaos inside of it, it may have also been used as a reference to the Dao of Seven Nights, which simulates the Primordial Chaos and creation of a vast universe.


  • 2 Mention(s) of Worldly Prime Liquid