Worldguard True God was born during the Ancient Ming Era. He participated in many battles under Dark Crow's banner and was Dark Crow's close friend.[1]

Difficult Dao Era

Worldguard True God accepted Forheaven as his direct disciple but rarely taught him anything.[1]

Current Era

When Li Qiye returned to the Heavenguard Sect, Forheaven proposed to arrange his meeting with Worldguard True God. Li Qiye refused, because it would be hard to seal Worldguard True God again if he comes out.[1] He come out after Li Qiye call the Azure Dragon Legion to destroy the Soaring Immortal Sect[2].


  • Worldguard True God is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[2]


  • 2 Item(s) used by Worldguard True God
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