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World Emperor is a Grand Emperor in the Qian Clan from Tenth World. He is one of the four living Twelve Heaven's Wills Grand Emperors. World Emperor is leader of the both Heavenly Authority and Qian Clan.

He took the leadership of Three Races during the Emperor Hunt and led them to resist against Emperors of Hundred Races, and united Three Races managed to resist this crisis. After this war World Emperor signed Emperor Hunt Treaty with Dark Crow as a representive of Three Races .

Li Qiye kidnapped his daughter in the past, World Emperor had a big grudge against him and even chased Li Qiye everytime he came the Tenth World.

He once again led Three Races' during the Emperor Demise to attack and destroy Celestial Academy but instead failed and plotted by Li Qiye, so he had to pay compensation to Li Qiye.



  • Seashroud Moon, one of the five True Immortal Armaments


  • World Emperor is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[1]
  • World Emperor is one of the nine emperors with 12 Heaven's Will.


  • 2 Event(s) in which World Emperor participated


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