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Wolong Xuan (卧龙璇: Jade of the Crouching Dragon) is the Sect Master of the Crouching Dragon Cliff.

She first appeared when she first fought against the Jewel Pillar Mortal King which she lost and was on the run because the Jewel Pillar Mortal King wants to kill her. Later she met Li Qiye as Chu Yuntian in the Buddhist Burial Plateau and accompanied as he challenged the Spirit Mountain's 18 Buddhist Temples in Buddist debate while she fortified her Dao Heart.[1] Later she thanked Li Qiye for helping her and fortifying her ancient bloodline.[2]

She appeared once more after Li Qiye returned from the Heaven Spirit World and he helped her accept her first disciple, Wenren Huaiyu.[3] Then they had some serious conversations and thanks him for lifting her burden of trying to compete for the Heaven's Will then they kissed and said their final goodbyes.[4][5]


She wore a blue dress adorned with golden laces and standing on top of the water dragon was a woman.. This made her look both simple yet elegant. Her moon-like face was delicate and perfect, and her high-bridged nose gave her an exotic appearance. With a petite mouth and cherry lips, she had an alluring charm. She also wore a shawl with a crown on her head. She didn’t only look imperial but also quite sublime.


  • She loves Li Qiye and she mentioned that he will only be the one who opened her heart and the only one she loved.[5]


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