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The Withered is considered by some people to be the fourth greateast Race of the Heaven Spirit World after Charming Spirits, Treants and Sea Demons. Similar to Treants and Sea Demons, the Withered can be found only in the Heaven Spirit World. Moreover, they are living only in one place - the Divine Tree Ridge and they are the only one that could live there. Since they inhabit one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds, some people considers the Withered to not be a Race of living existences, but corpses.[1] Actually the Withered aren't a proper race but an experiment for a new race.[2] Nevertheless Withered have their own society including several villages and a big city, Divine Tree Citadel, where they trade and interact with other races.[3]


The Withered were born from seeds created in the Divine Tree Ridge's inner world.[4] These seeds will drill into a dead body's forehead, taking root inside and acting as a True Fate. After a seed has grown inside, it transforms the body into a wooden humanoid. This particular birth made the Withered near-dead beings. Some Withered retain memories from the dead body, including merit laws and techniques that allow them to cultivate and obtain flesh bodies again.[2][5]


As Li Qiye stated that only when the Withered will produce a third generation a new race would be born. However, all children born from the Withered are basically moving corpses, beings without life or inteligence, the Treecorpses.[2]

Terminus Divine Ancestor - divine guardian


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