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The Wise Heart Jewel Box was a supreme protection treasure that once belonged to Li Qiye when he was Dark Crow.[1]

Emperors Era

Li Qiye gave the Wise Heart Jewel Box to young Min Ren at the start of the Emperors Era when he only started cultivating.[1]

Later on Min Ren gave the Wise Heart Jewel Box to his first love for her protection. Unfortunately, she was actually in love with his strongest opponent — Virtuous Monarch Jiangzuo — and gave the Wise Heart Jewel Box to him.[1]

This matter had enraged Li Qiye, and he even ordered his generals to trample over the Jiangzuo Clan. However, Min Ren managed to interfere.[1]

After that the Wise Heart Jewel Box became the clan-protecting treasure of the Jiangzuo Clan.[1]

Current Era

When Noble Jiangzuo from the Jiangzuo Clan provoked Li Qiye, he used this opportunity to demand the Wise Heart Jewel Box from the Clan as a bet in the duel.[2]


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