Wenren Lurui was to marry the prime descendant of the Dongfang Clan, Dongfang Cong for a clan alliance.[1] However she ran away to be with Gu Qiyu a disciple of the Wenren Clan and a member of the Dragonfish race ,a branch belonging to the Demon Race, in the Grand Sea.[2]

She had a daughter whith him but he died when she was two years old.[2]

Current Era

Five years later she met Li Qiye after being found out while going to visit her husband grave in Renowned City.[3] [2]


She is described as being more than thirty but still looking quite young. Has charming eyes and defined brows giving her an amorous and flirtatious look.

On top of her finely sculpted features, her figure is also incredible. The dress couldn’t hide her curves, full breasts, and rounded hips. Her feminine charm is as clear as day.


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