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The War God Temple is the origin ground of the Human Race. The most primordial Merit Laws that humans practiced came from the War God Temple.[1]

Because of this the War God Temple was always an exalted existence, highly regarded by human cultivators, above even Ancient Kingdoms like Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.[1]

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The War God Temple is a very ancient existence that has survived since the Desolate Era. It has been commended as one of the sanctuaries of the Human Race during the wild Desolate Era. However despite being so powerful it has never actually been able to produce an Immortal Emperor. The closest chance they had was Immortal Emperor Bing Yu however they chose to ignore her which lead her to leave the temple.

They have many powerful Old Ancestors including War God Mu who had the chance to live a second life after Dark Crow helped him. Another is Old Xian from the Hidden Immortal Hall. Finally the last is Mu Chen who along with Demon King Lun Ri comes to assist the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. The Temple is an extremely powerful Sect which even a Two Emperor sect like the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom wouldn't stir up.

However Li Qiye warns them that if they do not reform their ideas then the Temple will eventually disappear and that the reason they cant train an Immortal Emperor is they are too stubborn to change.



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