The War God Formula is an extremely heaven defying and renowned ancient technique.[1]

The War God Formula came from the War God Temple.[2]

Min Ren

Min Ren practiced the War God Formula throughout his life ever since his youth. For unknown reasons, after Min Ren became an Immortal Emperor, he didn't pass down the War God Formula. None of his disciples have practiced this technique.[1]

Heaven's Edge's Su Clan

Dark Crow allowed Su Ru to pass down this art to Immortal Emperor Min Ren's son and descendants.[2]

Current Era

Tu Bu Yu used the War God Formula to defeat Protector Hu.[3]


It allows to send out the Sword's Spirit letting the whole body become a Sword Domain that can slay the Nine Worlds.[3]

It also allows to use the true flame of the Cauldron of Life to create a pure green fire cauldron.[4]


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