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Wan Shi (顽世: Mischievous Era) was a Celestial Stone Golem. He was born during the Desolate Era and became the first Immortal Emperor of the Stone Golem Race, as well as one of the oldest Emperor.[1]

Wan Shi was a very mischievous fellow and loved to play pranks.[2] He did not leave behind an Imperial Lineage. He suddenly disappeared one day, and no one knew why.[1]

Legend states that during the Desolate Era, after Immortal Emperor Wan Shi shouldered the Heaven’s Will, he traveled across the world and stumbled upon Allpine Mountain. After enjoying the beautiful sceneries there, he went on top of a peak and left behind a palm print.

This peak became the famous Dao-sense Peak, an object of numerous theories and legends.

One legend stated that when the emperor left behind his palm print, it also left behind his dao lineage that merely awaited the right inheritor. Others said that it wasn’t a complete dao lineage, but an invincible secret art of this world. Another conjecture was that this place contained a map. If one could understand this map, then they would be able to find the location where the emperor left behind his treasury…[3]

The truth was, true to his name the emperor merely left behind a weapon that only needed the blood acceptance ritual but used the runes to confuse people as a prank, causing it to be a mystery for the ages till Li Qiye arrived.[4]

In the Tenth World, because the other races outside of Deities, Celestials and Devils are looked down on, Wan Shi devised a scheme to sleep with as many women of these races as possible so that he could introduce the Stone Golem bloodline to that world and give them a foothold, since his imperial blood would suppress the mothers' bloodline. When the clans realised what he was doing, they chased him to the ends of the earth.[5]

It is heavily implied that he is the Stone Duck in Drystone Courtyard,[6] thus, that he found a way to be extend his life and to be reborn eventually. In order to achieve his goal he traded Wan Shi's Rock with Li Qiye, giving him Bluesky Water in return. Li Qiye stated that the stone was his primary soul, the last missing stone from histhree souls and six spirits he needed to collect.[7]

He seems to have achieved his goal, becoming the Golem Ancestor, going by the name Black Duck, in the Eight Desolates, which is also only hinted at.[8]



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