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Virtuous Paragon is the 16th level of Cultivation.

Virtuous Paragons are the realm of true experts in the Nine Worlds. The only ones more powerful than a Virtuous Paragon are Immortal Emperors. Most of the large sects in the Nine Worlds have one or more Virtuous Paragon ancestors.


  1. Early Era Virtuous Paragon[2]
  2. Rising Era Virtuous Paragon[2]
  3. Peaceful Era Virtuous Paragon[2]
  4. Prosperous Era Virtuous Paragon[2]
  5. Golden Era Virtuous Paragon[2]


After reaching the Golden Era Virtuous Paragon level, the peak of ordinary Virtuous Paragons, the cultivator has two possible roads:[2]

Path of Heavens (天道)

Also known as the Heavenly Paragon, it is a path a Virtuous Paragon can follow in order to compete for the Heaven's Will and become an Immortal Emperor.[2]

Cultivators on this Path must create their own supreme Grand Dao. Only when their Grand Dao is completed and recognized by the Heaven's Will would they be qualified to participate in the war for the Heaven's Will.[3][4] It was named as Path of Heavens because normally the Grand Dao is derived from the Heavenly Dao and is based on its rules.[5]

The Path of Heavens is divided into several levels:

  1. Dao Apprentice (道子)[3]
  2. Dao Master (道师)[3]
  3. Dao Sovereign (道尊)[3]
  4. Celestial Mortal (天人)[5]
  5. Celestial General (天将)[3]
  6. Celestial God (天神)[3]
  7. Emperor Reserve (帝候)[4]
  8. Emperor Candidate (帝储)[3]

Path of Grand Era (大世道)

Also known as the Path of Godhood or Divine Paragon, it is a path a Virtuous Paragon can follow in order to push theirs dao to the peak and even break through its limits.[6]

# Level Title
1 Virtuous Lord (贤主)[7] Eternal Existence
2 Virtuous King (贤皇)[7]
3 Virtuous Saint (贤圣)[7]
4 Virtuous Forefather (先贤: Virtuous Sage)[7]
5 Spirit Paragon (贤灵)[7]
6 Dao Paragon (贤道)[7]
7 Virtuous God (贤神)[7] God-Monarch
8 Virtuous Ancestor (贤祖)[7] Godking


  • 94 Appearance(s) of Virtuous Paragon
  • 56 Character(s) at the Virtuous Paragon level


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