The Untethered Vessel is an ancient naval shuttle. It was created at least in the Legendary Era[1] and conseals the great secret of an ancient race.[2]

People in the Heaven Spirit World had spotted this vessel before, and not on just one occasion. Thus, people gave it the name, Seacrossing Shuttle.[2]


It is a huge naval shuttle seemingly capable of crossing through the ocean freely. It had an ancient bronze hue as if it was cast from plain bronze. It had two doors to its left and right with many runes and totems on them. They were too archaic to be understood. Outside of the four doors, nothing else could be found. Alas, the ship wouldn't be too eye-catching if placed anywhere else.[2]


The Untethered Vessel has four doors, each of them is a portal to different place. One of them is used to reach the Charming Fragmented Realm, but even Li Qiye doesn't know where the other three portals lead to, because they weren't activated ever before.[2][1]


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