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The Undying Gate is an Imperial Lineage created by Immortal Emperor Bu Si.[1]


The Undying Gate started to decline after the death of Immortal Emperor Bu Si.[1]

For generations outsiders believed that the Undying Gate still had the art of immortality from Immortal Emperor Bu Si. Because of this, people continuously searched for its secrets.[1]

When Immortal Emperor Wu Gou ruled the Nine Worlds, the news about the Undying Gate's immortality art spread across all of Heaven Spirit World. Many desired this mythical art, and some wouldn't mind destroying the Undying Gate for it. During this perilous time, the Undying Gate invited Immortal Emperor Wu Gou to preside over the situation. In the end, Immortal Emperor Wu Gou publicly confirmed that Undying Gate didn't have any immortality art. Because of Wu Gou's guarantee, the rumors quieted down and Undying Gate survived the calamity.[2]

Current Era

Su Yonghuang came to the Undying Gate's branch.[1]


The Undying Gate is situated in the Godhalt Continent of the Heaven Spirit World.[3]


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