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Uncrossable Expanse is at the left of Sky Moat while Sky Ruins is at the right.

Uncrossable Expanse has always been mysterious. No one knew how large it was, what was in there, and what awaited on the other side.

One could sense how immense it is while standing close by. While looking back, they would think that just one corner of this expanse was enough to drown out all of Immortal Lineage.

Even the best heavenly gaze wouldn’t be able to see anything but a vast and obscure region. The deeper inside, the greater the waves. 

In fact, some said that all Three Immortals together weren’t as big as one corner of this expanse.

Rumor has it that one would enter the legendary immortal world and gain everlasting life by reaching the other side. No one could prove the validity of this claim.

All in all, not a single soul in history could solve the mysteries here.

Moreover, no one ever returned after entering, whether it be the brilliant progenitors, peerless emperors, or invincible Everlastings. 

Alas, the lack of success never deterred these masters from entering. The actual reason remained unknown.

Some said that after reaching a certain power level, they became summoned by a mysterious power in Uncrossable Expanse.

Others believed that at that level, nothing else was worthwhile in Three Immortals. It was time to move on. The answer to reach the next step could be found on the other shore.

In short, too many have entered and none have left with an answer to this eternal mystery.

The expanse was a boundless world of gray from the outside with no sun in sight. This wasn’t the case after entering. It became a realm full of possibilities and complexity.

When inside at the progenitorial level, they would find that there was a power in this ocean attracting them in a mysterious manner.

There are 9 great monster nest in the Uncrossable Expanse. One of them named Burden's Nest.[1]

Many expedition where done :

- Gao Yang

- Sacred Spirit Ancestor

- Sword Saint

- Fire Ancestor

- Zither Empress

- Bao Pu

- Five Element Progenitor

- Skysplitter Saber Ancestor (entered at imperial level he made a breakthrough becoming an immortal progenitor)

- Phenom Progenitor

A few ship returned including ship from :

- Eight Treasure System had an amazing Everlasting reaching the Fardao level. He led a group of masters into the expanse.

- Skyhigh (a first-generation ship) progenitor entered Uncrossable Expanse with three True Emperors, six Everlastings, and more than one thousand True Gods.

- High Sun Pavilion, however, this isn’t Gao Yang’s personal ship. It belongs to another senior according to Supreme Emperor

- Fire Ancestor’s ship (Arrogance Enterprise build this ship) Fire Ancestor’s group back then was unreal. He had four other progenitors with him, more than ten full-strength emperors, and a hundred Everlastings.



Moon valley Burden's Nest


Uncrossable Expanse , an eternal mystery. No one knew how deep or vast it was, especially not its magical properties.

Discussions regarding this place sprung up across the years, just nothing concrete came from it.

One legend told that the mystical ‘other shore’ existed there. Reaching it meant being able to enter the immortal world.

Another stated that it contained the secret to immortality for those lucky enough to find it.

One more belief asserted that this expanse was a boundless world, provided that one can find the true entrance.

All in all, numerous legends regarding the expanse passed on through the generations.

Numerous top masters would go there after reaching a certain level. No one forced them to do so; there weren’t any rules about this either. However, their departure has been consistent.

Another consistency was the lack of returners. This dark invasion was the only exception.

At their high level, their lifespan would start running out; death from old age became inevitable.

Thus, they needed to enter the expanse despite knowing that there was no return, at least in the past. That’s the only way to replenish their vitality and life force. Many agreed with this statement, progenitors included.

The supreme existences would appreciate the boundlessness of this place. They felt so free and unrestrained.

On the other hand, a world like Three Immortals felt so tiny in comparison, almost like having shackles there

Just taking one step into this place meant leaving Three Immortals completely. It would be impossible to find the initial path, let alone find the location of Three Immortals.


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