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In the current epoch various alliances of Grand Emperors and Immortal Emperors organized six campaigns to challenge the rule of Old Villainous Heavens. Up till now, all these expeditions resulted in failure, with Li Qiye being the only one who returned alive.

According to Xiao Shi[1] various methods have been exhausted in the past epochs, including:

None of these methods were successful, prompting Xiao Shi to conclude that one needs that item, which Li Qiye claims is currently in his possession (probably either Primordial Will or the Four Secret Creations).

The following characters from other epochs and races have also expressed their desire to fight Old Villainous Heavens:

Moreover the Dragon God from the Giant Dragon Kingdom also revealed to have lost to Old Villainous Heavens, after which he lost the will to fight again and focused on protecting his descendants.[3]

Three immortals from Three Immortals World were participant of one of the expedition during their epoch. After successfully escaping, to the uncrossable expanse, which was free from direct control of villainous heaven, they stayed there to recover and eventually created the three immortal world.


The following participants have embarked on the Ultimate Expedition.

Initiator Participants Notes
1 Unknown There was a survivor from this expedition.
2 Origin Heaven Emperor[4] He did not get as many members joining in, as times were not so prosperous.[5] He embarked early to avoid a heavenly execution.[6] The second expedition coincided with the start of the emperors era.[5]
3 Deepsouth Divine Emperor and Immortal Emperor Fei[4] Fei's wife[7] In this time the three races were enjoying their golden age. This one was on a massive scale compared to the previous.[5]
4 Immortal Emperor Gu Chun An Alliance with the Grand Emperors, Immortal Monarchs, and Immortal Emperors from all races[4] It was indicative of the rise of the hundred races, establishing their position in the world.[5]
5 Immortal Emperor Min Ren Dark Crow

[8] many emperors from both sides joined in[5]

It was in the golden age of the hundred races and the racial barrier seemed to be gone.[5]
6 Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen Xiu Shui, Wu Gou, Bi Lian, Qing He, Dao Huai, Bing Yu, Qian Li, Nightfall Immortal Monarch Called the Empress’ Campaign, it consisted solely of Female Emperors with around twenty or thirty female emperors participating.[9]



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