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Tyrant was born during the Desolate Expansion Era. He was a member of an alien race with heavenly piercing talent. He explored mysterious land in the Grand Middle Territory and discovered its secret. Using this secret he created an invincible empire without equals. Under his rule the empire subjugated other races in the Mortal Emperor World.[1]

Mortal Emperor from the Human Race led a rebellion against Tyrant and fought him countless times for many years. However, whenever Tyrant was in danger, he would borrow the power of the secret under his land to defeat the Mortal Emperor.[1]

Eventually, Mortal Emperor became despaired after countless defeats. As a last resort he sent his own daughter, Su Yu He, to marry Tyrant in order to learn his secret. Tyrant knew the intentions of his enemy, but he lusted for the number one beauty, so he brought her inside his empire.[1]

Su Yu He became Tyrant's toy and in his hands she accepted countless degradations and suffered from countless shameless acts, but in the end, she was able to obtain the secret and Mortal Emperor defeated and killed Tyrant.[1]


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