The Tyrannical Destruction Bulwark was a set of armored walls created by Immortal Emperor Ba Mie. He left them in the Soaring Immortal Sect. The Sect used them many times, depleting much of their power.[1]

Current Era

The Soaring Immortal Sect used the Tyrannical Destruction Bulwark in an attempt to kill Li Qiye, but he destroyed the walls with the Eighteen Crystal Cannons.[1]


The Tyrannical Destruction Bulwark was a set of walls made of refined jades with imperial seals and runes on them.[1]


Once activated, the Tyrannical Destruction Bulwark surrounds an area to prevent the target from leaving. Blinding plumes of light emerges from the walls and empowers the Soaring Immortal Sect's disciples. Holy armors appears on their bodies while their weapons exude divinity. Their body even grew in size to match the new strength. In a short time, they became giants standing like deities to preside over this world.[1]

Only a Legendary Godkings or someone with the Grand Completion Immortal Physique can escape from the Tyrannical Destruction Bulwark.[1]


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