The Twelve Gods And Devils were created by Li Qiye in the Current Era.[1]

Back at the Buddhist Burial Plateau, Li Qiye made a deal. He would stop using its power while they would have to give him the scraps from the Myriad Thoughts Pot that they had been storing for a long time. Li Qiye then used the Lamp from the Wooden Pavilion's flame to refine this scraps into one metalic man that could transform into 12 copies of Li QIye. Afterward, he placed them into the Blood Kingdom and cultivated them using the Blood Energy and worldly essence within. At the same time, he added the twelve Immortal Physiques to them. Each figure corresponded to one of the twelve physiques. Six were made from Imperial Intents (帝念) while the other six from Devil Intents (魔念).[1]

During the sacrificial ceremony, Li Qiye used his own vitality to empower the iron men. From a certain perspective, they were his weapons based on his Physiques. Thus, whatever level his Physique was at, the twelve iron men would be at the same level, so they were also at Half Completion like him.[1]

First Battle

Li Qiye used the Twelve Gods And Devils for the first time in the Bonesea. He used Diamond God and Void Devil against Resplendent Godking,[2][3] Furious Devil against Cao Guojian,[3] and Extreme Yang God against Terra King.[1]


All of them have Li Qiye's face.[2]


Each of the Twelve Gods And Devils has the power of one of the twelve Immortal Physiques.[1]

Six Gods

Six Devils


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