Ye Yunzhou (叶云洲: Cloud Continent) was born in a very small village that consisted of only several dozen families. His ancestors had all been good-natured farmers in this village. His mother died giving him birth, while his father died when he was eight.[1]

Fortunately, he had three decent farm plots on top of the occasional assistance from his neighbors. This allowed him to barely have clothes and a full stomach.[1]

Despite making just enough to eat, Ye Yunzhou dreamed of the day when he could become an immortal cultivator; he had an unquenchable ambition for cultivation.[1]

Dark Crow

When he was twelve year old, Ye Yunzhou met mysterious Dark Crow.[1]

At some point Dark Crow taught him the supreme Physique Merit Law from the Physique Scripture[2] for the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique.[3] As well as the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, in the hope that he would be able to perfect it. Unfortunately, Ye Yunzhou failed.[4]

Later on he encountered the Bi'an Golem and was almost swindled into becoming his disciple. Dark Crow wanted to toss Bi'an Golem into the swamp as a punishment, but Ye Yunzhou pleaded mercy for him.[5]

Immortal Emperor

After becoming an Immortal Emperor he chose a title Tun Ri (吞日: Sun Devourer).[6]

Tun Ri was one of the Immortal Emperors who fortified Dark Crow's mind, and thanks to this protection anyone - even an Immortal Emperor - who tried to read Dark Crow's mind would be stopped and suppressed by Immortal Emperors' power.[7]

Drystone Courtyard

Tun Ri was one of the many Immortal Emperors who reached the center of the Drystone Courtyard. All of them were tempted by the thing there; they all wished to obtain it. However, even Emperors were not able to do so. The ultimate force of petrification forced the Emperors to retreat with great haste. However, their shadows were frozen to forever be buried in this place.[8]





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