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True Treasures (真器: True Tools)[note 1] are one of the two subtypes of the Fate Tools (another is Life Treasures).[1]

Life Treasures and True Treasures are the real force of cultivators. They have great usage in both defensive and offensive means. Their main use is to protect the Fate Palace and attack the enemy. True Treasures are stronger than any other type of weapons of the same level.[2]

Cultivator can use only one True Treasure, because this treasure is directly connected to their True Fate; the True Treasure and True Fate are directly reinforce and supports each other. Once linked to a cultivator, the True Treasure couldn't be inherited by another cultivator.[2]

Even though a cultivator had to create his own True Treasure and use it for the rest of his life, the power of a True Treasure greatly exceeded a regular Life Treasure. Even if it was the same grade, a True Treasure would annihilate a Life Treasure in the blink of an eye.[2] Furthermore, Cultivators only needed a very little amount of Blood Energy to use their own True Treasure.[3]

The True Treasures are created from Destiny True Stones.[4]



  • 24 Appearance(s) of True Treasures


    1. They were also mentioned as True Fate Treasures (真命之器) and True Fate Weapons (命真器) in different chapters.
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