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True Martial Sea God was the first Sea God of the Emperors Era. He was from the same generation as Min Ren. After Min Ren became an Immortal Emperor, the True Martial Sea God challenged him. The battle that ensued was heaven-shattering and, according to rumors, ended in tie. Because of this, the Sea Demons praised True Martial Sea God as the second strongest Sea God after the Prime Sea God.[1]

He created the True Martial Island.[1]

Bloodline's Severing

True Martial Sea God didn't wish for his daughter to walk on the same path as him in the future and wanted nothing more than for her to be free of the Sea Demon's bloodline, to be able to travel across the Nine Worlds without restraint. Alas, Tantai Ruonan's divine bloodline was extremely powerful, even True Martial Sea God had no method to sever it.[2]

True Martial Sea God went to meet Immortal Emperor Min Ren's teacher - Dark Crow - in order to search for a method of severing. They made ample preparations and worked together with Immortal Emperor Min Ren to blind Old Villainous Heavens's eyes and removed all related karmic fate. Finally, working together, True Martial Sea God and Immortal Emperor Min Ren managed to sever Tantai Ruonan's bloodline and disconnected her from the Sea Demon Race.[2]



  • 1 Item(s) used by True Martial Sea God


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