See: True God (Three Immortals World) for level with the same name in the Three Immortals World.

Overview[edit | edit source]

True God is a title granted to those beings who have at least half of a special bloodline flowing in their veins.[1] People believed that this bloodline have a heavenly origin, so they are destined to be deities upon birth.[2] True Gods are not humans nor part of the contemporary races,[1] they are transcendent existences that have many unimaginable characteristics and properties.[3]

True Gods are stronger than Godkings. If an Immortal Emperor used his strongest blow, then maybe he would be able to kill a True God. Other cultivators could not kill a True God even if they used an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.[3]

At least in some cases True God's cultivation was totally different from any other races. In the case of Calamity God his power came from unlocking the Eighteen Shackles that restricted his race original power.[4]

List[edit | edit source]

Title Race Lineage World
Calamity God Heavenly Ancestral Snails Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect Mortal Emperor World
Myriad Images True God Myriad Form Tribe Ancestral Divine Temple Mortal Emperor World
Realm God Pine Tree Heavenly Dao Academy Mortal Emperor World
Heaven Outcast True God Ancestral Domain Sacred Nether World
Glorious True God
Worldguard True God Heavenguard Sect Mortal Emperor World
Unidao True God Mortal Emperor World


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  • 5 Character(s) at the True God (Nine Worlds) level
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