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See: Immortal Emperor for cultivators of similar strength from the Nine Worlds.
See: Grand Emperor for cultivators of similar strength from the Tenth World.
See: Dao Lord for cultivators of similar strength from the Eight Desolates.


True Emperor is the highest Cultivation Level in the Three Immortals World.

After opening 12 palaces it is possible to create a Dao Source to become a Progenitor. Progenitors may then found a Dao Lineages.

List of True Emperors below the Progenitor Level in Myriad[]

Title Status Nº Fate Palaces Lineage Notes
1 Madblood Insane Court


Created the Mad Scripture, later used by Virtue True God for his art - the Heretical Blood Devour
2 True Emperor Chu Insane Court


Chu Clan
3 Ancient True Emperor Insane Court


Founder of Ancient Temple, believed to be number one of the system outside of Insane Ancestor.[4]
4 Elucidation True Emperor Resting Bull System Formerly a disciple of Insane Court, he found the Resting Bull Scripture and cultivated it to replenish the system's dao source, which let to Resting Bull's revival.[5]
5 Luminous True Emperor Longevity System Originally from a different system, he joined Longevity as its protector.[6]
6 Lifejewel True Emperor Longevity System Everlasting Kingdom, a disciple of Everlasting Elder Lord[7]
7 True Emperor Xuan Xiao 12[8] Entered the Bewildiner Palace and made it through more than one hundred locations.[9] Killed White Cloud Progenitor. Listed among the five greatest emperors.[8]
8 Chillwater True Emperor 12[10] Cloudcrossing System In a fight he was surpressed by Dracoform Martial God, which established Dracoform's status as the strongest in Myriad.[10]
9 Coiling Dragon True Emperor Coiling Dragon Dao Lineage Praymoon Sect


10 Warcloak True Emperor Regalia System


Grievously wounded in Myriad by Heavenrend Viper, he later reversed the tides and defeated him, sparing him after the intervention of the Mu Clan[13]

List of True Emperors below the Progenitor Level in Imperial[]

Title Status Nº Fate Palaces Lineage Notes
1 True Emperor Jiu Ning Alive 12 Nine Secrets System Lucidity King's daugther[14]
2 Weaponbreak True Emperor Nine Secrets System Bingchi’s best emperor, immortalized for his blacksmithing abilities - legends claim that he could create weapons comparable to progenitors. Bingchi Yingjian's ancestor[15]
3 Eight Formation True Emperor (Tian Zhiyuan)[16] Killed by Li Qiye 2[17] Nine Secrets System Current generation's most talented genius in Nine Secrets
4 Godstep True Emperor Nine Secrets System Founded Nine Secret's Godstep Sect[18]
5 Myriad Formation True Emperor Nine Secrets System Founded Nine Secret's Myriad Formation Kingdom, reknowned for killing two True Emperors of his power level using his formation mastery.[18]
6 Puresword True Emperor Killed by Solar Daoist 5[19] Mu Clan
7 Jade-Break True Emperor Alive 6[20] Li Clan
8 Magnificence True Emperor (alt. translation: Radiance)[21] System in Myriad Killed his way into the Mu Clan, massacred its emperors and made it fall into Imperial.[22] Graduated from the Academy of Light.[21]

List of True Emperors below the Progenitor Level in Immortal[]

Title Status Nº Fate Palaces Lineage Notes
1 Holyfrost True Emperor (Meng Xi)[23] Alive 12[24] Academy of Light From Northern Academy from the Sacred Spirit Race[23]
2 Goldpython True Emperor Killed by Li Qiye[25] 3[26] Student from Lightless, a Metalkin[27]
3 Stonecarver True Emperor Killed by Li Qiye[25] 2[28] Academy of Light Student of Sacred Bank Academy from the west, from the Celestial Stone Tribe
4 Goldtypha True Emperor Killed by Li Qiye[25] 8[26] Strong Grass Student from Dawn, disciple of Orchid Sage
5 Spiritheart True Emperor Alive 7[27] Garden of God Student from Lightless, from the Celest Tribe, inheritor of the Garden of God, the fiancee of Metalkin War God [29]
6 Metalkin War God Killed by Li Qiye[30] at least 11[31] Metalkin Divine Court Student from Lightless[29]
7 Supreme True Emperor Alive at least 11[32] none High Sun Pavilion
8 True Emperor Bachi Alive 10[33] Immortal Bronze Mountain Luminous Master's disciple
9 Eight Treasures Ancient Emperor Died fighting his grandfather[34] 12[35] Eight Treasures System Grandson of Eight Treasures Progenitor


  • 14 Character(s) at the True Emperor level


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