The Treants can't become an Immortal Emperor; instead, after reaching the apex, the Treant can become a Treefather.

Path of TreefathersEdit

In order to become a Treefather, a treant (possibly at the pinnacle of the Virtuous Paragon realm) should follow a path with three steps:[2]

  1. Refine the ancestral seal (成祖根): Ancestral Seal is the basis of an Ancestral Weapon.
  2. Transform into the root (成祖根).
  3. Form an Ancestral Weapon (化祖兵).

Only then, they could borrow the power of their race’s forefathers and be capable to fight Immortal Emperors. [3]

Ancestral Tree (祖树)Edit

After a Treefather's death, theirs Ancestral Weapons will become dust[3] and they will be transformed into a Ancestral Tree. They wouldn't be able to manifest themselves as regular beings anymore, but they would be still extremely powerful.[4] Since they take root on the earth, they could absorb spirit energy directly and become even stronger than when they were alive.[5]

The Ancestral Trees create around itself a safe haven for its descendants, there they would be able to happily live under Treefather's protection and multiply unceasingly. This is the most frightening aspect of Treants - as long as Treefather is alive and well, its lineage would be always as strong as an Imperial Lineage that still had a living Immortal Emperor to protect it.[4]


Title Era Lineage
Golden Bamboo Father Golden Isle
Heavenvine Treefather Heavenvine Citadel
Peacock Treefather Peacock Land
Silver Treefather Golden Isle
Ancestral Terra's first treefather Ancestral Terra
Ancestral Terra's second treefather Ancestral Terra
Ancestral Terra's third treefather Ancestral Terra
Imperial Dualchild's mother
Driedtree Divine Ancestor's "Parent"


  • 5 Character(s) at the Treefather level
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