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Current Era

When Li Qiye visited the Nine Saint Demon Gate, he saw Tetra-War Stone Protectors at the Training Ground.[1]


It is a training ground of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

Battle Stage

Nine Saint Demon Gate's Battle Stage is of the Virtuous Paragon level. It was created by the Gate's Great Elder. It consists of huge meteoric stones. Each stone was encrypted with the words of many Virtuous Paragons; mysterious and powerful energy was exerted from them continuously. It was this energy that protected the battle stage, rendering it impervious to any damage by the contestants. It can even withstand the destructive power from multiple Virtuous Paragons.[1]

Stone Protectors

Main article: Tetra-War Stone Protectors

Tetra-War Stone Protectors stood around the Stage.[1]


The Nine Saint Demon Gate's Heaven's Vein and Earth's Vein are situated under the battle stage.[2]


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