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Titanic Crescent Saint Child was a direct descendant of Immortal Emperor Ju Tian, as well as the Prime Descendant of the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground.[1]


Titanic Crescent Saint Child came to the Nightsea in Necropolis when it has become clear. Along with many other geniuses, he went to explore the new realm under the Nightsea, but they all were stopped at a deeper juncture in the ocean. They tried different methods to pass deeper, but all had failed.[2]


Titanic Crescent Saint Child came from the Dwarven Tribe of the Ghost Immortals, so he was only half the height of an ordinary man. Even so, his body was filled with muscles, brimming with power as if his bare hands could tear apart dragons and tigers. His most distinctive aspect was the divine flames burning in his eyes that intertwined to create universal laws. The power of the grand dao was frightening like the roars of tidal waves, causing spectators to shudder.[3]


He was notoriously ruthless and many had died at his hands.[3]



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