His lineage came from one part of the divine school’s great techniques. He was a descendant from the school. However, the school had already been destroyed before his time. His maternal side is now merely ordinary mortals.

When he was young, he aspired to learn more about the divine school and its past. He obtained part of the divine school’s legacy out of sheer luck. From then on, he began his path of cultivation.”

He stole treasures from big sects in order to revive the divine school. After stealing a few different treasures, he realised even if he rebuilt the school, the day his identity inevitably got exposed would be the day he would draw a disaster to the new divine school.

Later on, he was wounded by the ancestors of the Alchemy Kingdom during a botched theft. This injury continued to haunt him and I lost the ability to revive the school, thus having no choice but to give up on this goal till encountering Li Qiye who tasked him with a new mission.[1]


  • 1 Item(s) used by Tie Yi
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