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Tian Lunhui (天轮回: Heavenly Rebirth) was born with Immortal Emperor Yi Shi's totem. Because of that he is believed to be Immortal Emperor Yi Shi's reincarnation. Some even calls him Immortal Emperor San Shi (三世: Third Life).[1]

Thanks to his talents, Tian Lunhui became the Prime Descendant of the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom,[1] as well as one of the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World, along with Chan Yang and Di Zuo; three main competitors for the Heaven's Will in the current generation.[2]

Ancestral Domain

At some point an ancestor from the Ancestral Domain descended to the Sacred Nether World to choose an inheritor for the Ancestral Domain. The ancestor examined countless geniuses, including Tian Lunhui and Di Zuo, but didn't chose any of them.[3]


Although he was the latest to cultivate amongst the three heroes, his cultivation speed was the fastest.[1]

He was believed to possess Immortal Emperor Yi Shi's knowledge.[1]


  • While his status as Yi Shi's second reincarnation remained a mystery to him and his contemporary, it was later proven false when Li Qiye met Yi Shi's first reincarnation — Immortal Emperor Er Shi — in the Tenth World. So, Tian Lunhui couldn't be Yi Shi's reincarnation.[4]


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