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The Three Immortals World is named to remember the three emperors - Sui, Xi and Nong.[1]

It exists in a plane separated from the Nine Worlds and Tenth World, outside of the destruction cycle. Therefore, it is incalculable, unreachable and shielded from Old Villainous Heavens. Only apex existences of an epoch can journey to the Three Immortals Worlds[2]. For these existences it is a way to avoid the Epoch destruction.[3]

Being free from the shackles of Heavenly Executions, from the Heaven’s Wills and from any other form of control, it is a perfect place to cultivate Anima or start an entirely different cultivation system, resulting in a new epoch.[4]


Three Immortals has a cultivation system based on Anima, in contrast to the cultivation in the Nine Worlds or the Tenth World. Freed from the restraint of the heaven and earth, cultivators start cultivating Anima at the very beginning, which is advantageous especially after becoming a True Emperor.

The biggest weakness of this cultivation system is the longevity, which needs to be ensured by Longevity Pills. The reason for this is the lack of the Heaven's Will as a source of prolonged life.[5]


The Three Immortals World is located outside of the Nine Worlds and Tenth World[2], not much is known of its actual location and constitution. It consists of Dao Lineages, created by characters at the progenitor level. According to the level of the System's Dao Source, the Dao Lineages are seperated into three different regions:[1]

In addition to the three regions, there are six redemption grounds:


There are plenty of different races and tribes, with four of them considered to be major races:[8]

Further races include:


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